Start your own Merch Brand

Be the boss – no hassle, no risk

Got a lot of ideas for cool merch but you don’t know how to get it off the ground? Sounds like we’re a match made in heaven. We take on the hard parts, so you can just concentrate on getting known .. and raking in the big bucks.

The Thread Factory will host your Online Merch Store – featuring your designs on the garments that you choose. We charge you a flat rate for the garments, and you decide what mark-up (that means profit) you want to put on each item you sell. As you customers buy, we decorate and ship to your followers – at the end of the month we credit to you your profit – simple as that.

The catch? No catch. But how much you sell will depend on you coming up with epic designs, and the more you use your socials to get noticed – the better you’ll do (can’t expect us to do all of the work).

We’re not there yet. It’s something we’re working on but for now your garments are hosted on our site.

If you want the risk of holding stock – go ahead. Your way, you’ll be left with what you don’t sell (including those pesky Size Smalls and 3XLs that you were positive your mates wiuld buy but didn’t. Our way, we print as your followers buy – so there’s no chance of leftovers.

We would if we could but dropshipping on your behalf is tricky work – our people are dancing for you whether it’s five or 50 garments. That’s why is a flat price regardless of quantity.

Just like you don’t want to hold stock – either do we, which is why we don’t offer tagging. If we did, we’d have to hold a bucketload of garments (without tags) that may or may not sell. So, the answer’s no.

Sound like a plan? Just email us at and we’ll get you started.