Where are you based? Do you have an office?

What you’re really asking is: are you legit? Yes, we are! The Thread Factory’s workshop is located at 4/11 Cylinders Drive, Torquay, VIC, where we print and embroider your apparel. We deliver daily to Melbourne, and across Australia using trusted couriers.

Can I pick up my order?

Sometimes. Best to email to confirm. If you can’t pick-up, that’s OK, we’ll package up your Order and ship it straight to your nominated address via Courier.

How long do orders take to be delivered?

We decorate everything to order. The Thread Factory generally needs two weeks (10 business days) to give us to time to process your order, decorate it and package it up ready for delivery anywhere in Australia. The clock starts clicking as soon as you’ve approved artwork and have paid your deposit. If something is super-urgent, let us know and we will see what we can do.

Do you have minimum order quantities?

It depends on the product. For tshirts, hoodies, polos etc the minimum order is 10 garments (combined total e.g. six tshirts and four hoodies makes 5). For promo products like stubby holders, we do have minimums. Just let us know what you need and we go from there.

Can I supply the garments?

Tshirts and hoodies might look the same, but what they’re made from varies greatly. We don’t let customers supply garments to protect the integrity of the our printing (in other words, so it the print doesn’t fall off). The up-side of this is we can supply you with the best garments for the job, probably cheaper than from ‘the mart’ (we know what you’re up to).

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

We sure do! Just drop us a line and ask.

How long will my print last? How should I wash my garments?

Our prints will last 30+ washes – probably heaps more, but we have to be conservative – so 30 washes it is. But, there are some big ‘no nos’ that will really shorten the life of your prints – best to follow these rules:

  • DO wash your garments inside-out
  • DON’T put your garments in the dryer
  • DO wash in water greater cooler than 30 deg.
  • DON’T use a bleach or enzyme laundry soak (the enzyme will eat the print off your tshirt)
  • If you’re one of those and HAVE to iron – please turn the garment inside-out and don’t iron on the print
When I upload my artwork, what do you need?

The better the artwork, the better the result. Artwork needs will depend on the type of print:

  • DTG and DTF Printing – artwork that is 600dpi is best – .png files are great, or .ai or .eps
  • Digital Screen Printing  – we need Vector artwork. Usually this arrives in an editable .pdf, .ai or .eps file. If your artwork isn’t vector, we may need to ‘vectorise’ it and there will be a charge (we’ll let you know).
  • Embroidery – .png, .jpeg or .pdf is fine.
What is the difference between DTG and DTF printing?

They’re same, same – but different.

DTG printing is ‘Direct To Garment’ meaning the image is printed straight on to the tshirt or hoodie – just like an inkjet printer prints on to paper.

DTF printing is ‘Direct To Film’ meaning the image is printed (in reverse) on to a special film. The print is then coated with glue and later a heat press is used to press the image on to the garment.

How do you decide when to use DTG or DTF?

DTG prints can only be applied to Cotton garments, and are the best option when there are low print quantities.

DTF prints are better for large print runs because you can have a heap of prints ready in advance to press really quickly. Also, you can put DTF prints on to polyester and poly-blends – like hivis workwear.