‘Stock Service’ Uniforms

Team Uniforms – done easy

The Thread Factory’s ‘Stock Service’ Uniforms aims to take the hassle out of managing uniforms for your team – whether you’re a business or sporting club.

We negate the need for you to hold uniform stock by instead pre-ordering just your prints (which cost a heck of a lot less than the complete garment). Then, as your team members order, we print your garments – that way you’re only printing the exact colour, size and style of garment that they actually want/need.

In planning the Stock Service option, we ensure that the logos/designs will apply over a range of garments – giving you the flexibility to offer your members a range of garments (think hoodies, polos, tees, jackets, headwear) rather than needing to limit the options because you don’t want to risk having heaps of unsold or leftover stock.

To make ordering easier on you, we can even host an online store for you on our website – that way we’ll handle the orders/printing. We can then deliver straight to your members via AusPost or drop them to you for pick up. What could be easier than that?

Sound like a plan?
Just talk to us by emailing hello@thethreadfactory.com.au – and we’ll get your started.